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Save 23%
28w T5 Warm White 3000k Tube

28w T5 Warm White 3000k Tube

$5.00  $3.85


Save 78%
20mm Inspection Elbow

20mm Inspection Elbow

$2.00  $0.44


Save 37%
2 Pole Enclosure

2 Pole Enclosure

$2.99  $1.87



Save 79%
20mm Grey Coupling

20mm Grey Coupling

$0.80  $0.17


Save 8%
Personal Lockout Kit   NESCO LOK

Personal Lockout Kit NESCO LOK

$150.00  $137.50


Save 27%
Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun   CTGSS

Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun CTGSS

$150.00  $108.90


Save 58%
25mm Corrugated Conduit Gland

25mm Corrugated Conduit Gland

$2.60  $1.10


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Bought a new house or renovating the old one and need new metal switchboards? AGM metal switchboard suppliers Australia is the best option for you. We have a dedicated team of professionals which works hard to satisfy our customers. Since we get customers from a diverse range of backgrounds, we train our staff to pay attention to our product’s quality before dispatching phase. Our skilled employees know which products are of high quality and they choose them for supplies to meet your expectations. Customers are the utmost priority of our metal switchboard suppliers Australia so we try to help them in any way that we can. Our professionals make sure that there is no fault in any product as we realize the importance of the provision of flawless products. We understand the needs of customers well because we have been in the market for quite a long time. This means that we have an edge over other metal switchboard suppliers Australia. We know that a little mistake can make us lose all the trust of our customers that we have earned over the years. Our professionals work round the clock, to provide the best possible services that they can.

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With a range of trade packed Metal Switch Boards Australia that is all standardized, we ensure the best quality available here at AGM Electrical Supplies. Our range of switches and sockets include:

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Outdoor Sockets & Switches: Weatherproof sockets and switches for use in your garden and other outdoor locations.

Indoor Switches: Indoor switches range between dimmer switches to multi-light switches and available in a variety of different finishes to suit the decor of your home.

Dimmer Switches: Regulate the brightness in your house with one of our dimmer switches. Our range boasts a multitude of styles, designs, and finishes to outfit your home, whether contemporary or traditional.

Indoor Sockets: Our wide variety of sockets range from white USB sockets to more decorative choices that are offered in a diversity of metallic finishes.

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USB Sockets: Make charging your gadgets easy with our range of USB Sockets. Use the sockets and USB ports simultaneously for added accessibility with appliances around the home.

Smart Switches & Sockets: Our range of smart sockets and switches allow swift access for those hard to reach locations and gives total control of your home’s power while remote.

Control Switches: Segregate your appliances with one of our control switches. These are available with or without a neon light and in variable styles and finishes, to suit the design of your kitchen.

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Back Boxes, Pattresses & Blanking Plates: Protect your exposed sockets or mount your new ones with our range of mattresses, knockout back boxes and blanking plates.

Fuses, Plugs & Adapters: Don’t get caught short – stock up on our range of plugs, fuses, and adapters. You never know when you’ll need a substitute for your electrical devices and appliances.

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